Our services include any combination of editing, copyediting and proofreading for:

  • Books

  • Articles

  • Websites and social media content

  • Newsletters

  • Flyers and other written promotional material

  • Other documents – brochures, information pamphlets



MOLAH.Media will improve the flow and readability of your work. During the editing process, our aim is to ensure that your work clearly conveys the message you intend, and that your story vividly comes across to the reader. We will correct obvious errors but this is done more thoroughly during the proofreading process.


No matter how well you (or we) know your piece of writing, or how well it has been edited, there will always be errors, and even minor errors can deter a potential client or customer.

We will review your writing for not just spelling, but also grammatical and typographical errors. Ambiguous sentence structure and incorrect use of English will also be amended, leaving you with a completely error-free document. If English is not your first language, proofreading is essential.

In addition to the above, MOLAH.Media offers proofreading services for:

  • CVs

  • Job applications

  • Dissertations in health and medical subjects

  • Grant/Funding applications

  • Business plans


Copyediting includes proofreading and more. As well as ensuring complete accuracy of your writing, we will also ensure consistency that is appropriate to your business/message/field.

We do this by thoroughly reviewing your work from the first to the last word, checking for example, that your table of contents matches your chapter headings and page numbers, any illustrations are cited correctly in the text, and that numbers add up. The end result is a flawless piece that stands out from the rest.

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